Bernie Goes After Liz: Don’t Forget Warren Said She’s a Capitalist

Self-proclaimed democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is attempting to draw distinctions between himself and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), as Warren continues to outpace Sanders in the polls in the race to become the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nominee.

While both candidates’ platforms lay out grand plans for upheaving the U.S. economy in an attempt to redistribute wealth, Sanders says he is the better choice among progressive voters because Warren has, herself, admitted to being a “capitalist.” . . .

“Elizabeth Warren has been a friend of mine for some 25 years, and I think she is a very, very good senator,” Sanders told ABC’s “This Week,” before pointing out the major difference between himself and the Massachusetts Democrat.

“Elizabeth, I think, as you know, has said that she is a capitalist through her bones. I’m not,” Sanders said. “I think the situation today that we face in this country of the greed and the corruption that is existing in Washington, that is existing at the corporate elite level…I am, I believe, the only candidate who’s gonna say to the ruling class of this country, the corporate elite, ‘enough, enough with your greed and with your corruption.’ We need real change in this country.” (Read more from “Bernie Goes After Liz: Don’t Forget Warren Said She’s a Capitalist” HERE)

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