Squad, Assemble: AOC, Omar, Tlaib All Endorse Bernie

In a significant boon to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, the three most prominent members of the so-called ‘Squad’ are endorsing his 2020 bid, choosing the Vermont Socialist over front-running leftist Elizabeth Warren. Word of the trio of endorsements from hard-left House progressives leaked out late Tuesday, starting with this scoop about an upcoming Sanders rally in New York City, featuring Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. . .

Shortly after the AOC news broke, we learned that this was a package deal:

The conventional wisdom is that this development is a boon to both Sanders and Joe Biden, which makes sense. Bernie has been by and large stagnant in much of the national polling, hovering between 15 and 20 percent support since May. Then the 78-year-old announced that he’d suffered a heart attack, prompting him to say that he planned on scaling back his campaign schedule, before quickly reversing himself. Despite his strong fundraising, was Bernie 2020 about to collapse? The united support of the major ‘Squad’ figures, who are popular among the left-wing base, comes at an opportune moment for Team Sanders. It’s a shot in the arm, an injection of youth and energy, and a sign that Bernie will have vocal proponents in his corner as the campaign plays out. (Read more from “Squad, Assemble: AOC, Omar, Tlaib All Endorse Bernie” HERE)

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