Bernie Supporter Joe Rogan Now Says He’ll Vote Trump this November, Moving to Texas

By Benjamin Fearnow. Podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan said he would rather vote for President Donald Trump than Democratic candidate Joe Biden, arguing that Trump has held up well to the pressure of the office versus Biden.

The Joe Rogan Experience host spoke at his studio Friday with Eric Weinstein, managing director of the Thiel Capital investment firm, where the two compared Trump’s behavior and “fake alpha” persona to that of a professional wrestler. The conversation veered into 2020 politics after Weinstein complained people “express themselves moronically” when they are given no choices in life. The podcast host, who last week described the former Vice President as “very old” and “stumbling,” claimed the Democratic Party “made us all morons” by promoting Biden’s campaign and potential nomination. Rogan has previously stated he would “probably vote for” Bernie Sanders.

He appeared to compliment Trump’s vitality for seemingly “not aging at all” during his time in office.

(Editor’s note: profanity alert)

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Joe Rogan Now Says He’s Moving to Texas

By Jorge Alonso. After moving his podcast to Spotify, Joe Rogan is making another big move in his personal life.

During this week’s episode of the JRE podcast, Rogan revealed that he was leaving Los Angeles for Texas in the coming weeks.

Rogan explained that he wanted to go to a place that didn’t have as many people as L.A. and had a “bit more freedom.” (Read more from this story HERE)