COVID Vaccine Passports Becoming Reality in Liberal State

They’re here! The COVID-19 “vaccine passports” that have been discussed so much are becoming a reality in Oregon.

The state has mandated that all businesses, employers and churches must continue to enforce a mask requirement unless they have a policy for “checking for proof of vaccination status of individuals,” and request and review “each individual’s proof of vaccination.”

The state’s previously imposed masking and distancing requirements must be enforced on anyone who “has declined to provide such proof,” the state has instructed.

The state also said masks still are required — even for who are fully vaccinated with proof of vaccination status — in health care settings, jails, youth detention centers, shelters, transitional houses, K-12 schools, planes, buses, trains and transportation hubs.

Oregon Live reported the state will let people go without masks outdoors but will require them “to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 – and be able to prove it” to go without masks indoors. (Read more from “COVID Vaccine Passports Becoming Reality in Liberal State” HERE)

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