Scientists Develop Method That Allows Mammals to Breath Through Their Butts

In what sounds like a “South Park” episode, Japanese scientists have developed a procedure that allows lab animals to “breathe” out of their rectum.

In a new study published last week, scientists using an enema of oxygen-carrying liquid proved that oxygen-deprived animals — and maybe people — can be saved via their bottoms.

According to the New York Times, Dr. Takanori Takebe, of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, started alternative oxygen-delivery research during his father’s struggle with lung disease.

While ventilators are helpful, they’re not always available and can break. “We clearly need different strategies to help out patients with severe lung failure,” Dr. Takebe told the Times.

Through his trials, Takebe first did what sounds like a reverse fart — pumping oxygen up the rectums of anesthetized, oxygen-deprived mice. The procedure would have been too painful and not useful for humans as the mice intestines had to be scraped first. (Read more from “Scientists Develop Method That Allows Mammals to Breath Through Their Butts” HERE)

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