Donald Trump: Leaving Americans to Die in Afghanistan Is ‘Dereliction of Duty’

Former President Donald Trump stated Friday that President Joe Biden’s leaving Americans to die in Afghanistan is a “dereliction of duty.”

“Leaving Americans behind for death is an unforgivable dereliction of duty, which will go down in infamy,” Trump’s statement read regarding President Joe Biden’s chaotic evacuation from the failed state of Afghanistan.

Trump also criticized Biden on Thursday by explaining how a proper Afghan withdrawal should have been conducted.

“First you bring out all of the American citizens. Then you bring out ALL equipment. Then you bomb the bases into smithereens,” Trump’s statement said. “AND THEN YOU BRING OUT THE MILITARY.”

“You don’t do it in reverse order like Biden and our woke Generals did. No chaos, no death—they wouldn’t even know we left!” said Trump. (Read more from “Donald Trump: Leaving Americans to Die in Afghanistan Is ‘Dereliction of Duty’” HERE)

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