Parolee Released Through Cali ‘Zero Bail Policy’ Arrested for for Murder

Residents of a quiet neighborhood in Sacramento, California, are angry that a violent criminal released through the state’s “zero bail policy” allegedly sexually assaulted their 61-year-old neighbor, then killed her and her two dogs. . .

Police say that Troy Davis, 51, sexually assaulted Mary Tibbitts in her home, then murdered her and killed her two dogs before setting her home on fire.

The suspect was captured masturbating on a neighbor’s surveillance camera the day before the brutal assault and murder, according to the California Globe.

Davis was a parolee with a violent criminal past but he was allowed to be released under the “zero bail policy” after he was arrested for allegedly stealing a car.

California had implemented the zero bail policy in order to ease the strain on their law enforcement system from the coronavirus pandemic. (Read more from “Parolee Released Through Cali’s ‘Zero Bail Policy’ Arrested for for Murder” HERE)

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