Report: Biden To Impose Stricter Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers

President Joe Biden plans to announce a new vaccine mandate for federal workers during his speech Thursday, according to multiple reports.

The White House mentioned Biden’s upcoming speech earlier in the week, with an official saying that Biden will lay out a “six-pronged strategy” aimed at boosting vaccinations and fighting the Delta variant. While the administration has declined to offer specifics, reports note that the president will sign an executive order mandating vaccinations for federal employees and contractors.

Biden announced at the end of July that federal government employees and contractors would need to confirm their vaccination status or undergo various hurdles, such as physical distancing and testing. Biden now plans to remove the loopholes for employees resistant to getting the vaccine, according to NBC News.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Wednesday that Biden’s upcoming announcement would affect Americans depending “on if you’re vaccinated or not.” The New York Times also reported that the president plans to announce new vaccination mandates, although the publication did not report the executive order that Biden appears slated to sign. (Read more from “Report: Biden To Impose Stricter Vaccine Mandate for Federal Workers” HERE)

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