Report: Afghans Arriving At U.S. Military Bases To Get $1,250 Payments

Afghans arriving in the United States and being temporarily resettled at U.S. military bases will receive one-time payments from the State Department, funded by American taxpayers. . .

Most of all Afghans headed to military bases for temporary resettlement are arriving on “humanitarian parole,” which does not expire for at least two years. These Afghans are not eligible for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), P-2 visas, or refugee status.

According to the Washington Post, Afghans arriving at military bases will secure a $1,250 one-time payment provided to them through the State Department and funded by American taxpayers.

Among the Afghans arriving in the U.S. — from Dulles International Airport in Virginia and Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania — are those who have little-to-no ties to America and many who do not have the most basic paperwork to prove their identities. The Biden administration, the Post notes, has yet to disclose what they are doing with Afghans who fail the vetting process. (Read more from “Report: Afghans Arriving At U.S. Military Bases To Get $1,250 Payments” HERE)

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