Canada Reportedly Set to Lift Vaccine Requirements for Travelers at Border

Canada will reportedly lift its vaccine mandate for travelers entering the country at the border starting in October.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that “an official familiar with the matter” said this week that Canada will drop the vaccine requirement for foriegn nationals. Currently, unvaccinated travelers who are allowed to enter the country undergo mandatory arrival tests and a 14-day quarantine.

The official who spoke on the condition of anonymity reportedly said that Prime Minister Justine Trudeau needs to give “final sign off” on the new policy. In addition, the government will likely drop random COVID-19 testing at airports.

AP noted that unvaccinated professional athletes have not been allowed to cross the border into Canada since the mandate took effect. The outlet spoke to an infectious disease specialist, who said the mandate should have been lifted “a long time ago.” (Read more from “Canada Reportedly Set to Lift Vaccine Requirements for Travelers at Border” HERE)

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