Transgender Army Major and Wife Indicted for Scheming to Give Sensitive Military Data to Russians

A male U.S. army major masquerading as a female and his wife, a Johns Hopkins anesthesiologist, were arrested on Thursday after being federally indicted for scheming to pass sensitive health information obtained under secret-level security clearance to Russia. If convicted, the defendants face up to five years in prison for conspiracy and up to 10 years for each of seven counts of disclosing private health data.

In a detailed announcement of the indictments, the Department of Justice said Major Jamie Lee Henry, hailed as the U.S. Army’s first transgender officer, and Anna Gabrielian face charges for passing data to someone they thought was a Russian agent, but who turned out to be an undercover agent with the FBI.

At the time of the alleged crime, Henry had secret-level security clearance at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, home to the U.S Army Special Operations Command headquarters. Gabrielian, knowing Henry’s level of access, told the agent she had marketed her and her husband’s services to the Russian embassy via email and phone. She later reported that she was “motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail.”

On Aug. 17, Gabrielian told the FBI agent she believed to be working for Russia that her husband would be a “more important source for Russia than she was” due to his connections in the military. She also apparently claimed that Henry could communicate “how the United States military establishes an army hospital in war conditions and information about previous training provided by the United States military to Ukrainian military personnel.” . . .

That is when the pair agreed to pass off private medical records from both of their workplaces “in order to help the Russian government.” (Read more from “Transgender Army Major and Wife Indicted for Scheming to Give Sensitive Military Data to Russians” HERE)

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