White House Says North Korea Will ‘Pay a Price’ if It Supplies Russia With Weapons

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters on Tuesday that North Korea would face consequences if it supplies Russia with weapons amid its ongoing war with Ukraine.

“Providing weapons to Russia for use on the battlefield to attack grain silos and the heating infrastructure of major cities as we head into winter to try to conquer territory that belongs to another sovereign nation,” Sullivan said. “This is not going to reflect well on North Korea, and they will pay a price for this in the international community.”

Sullivan’s remarks come after reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may soon meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to negotiate on weapons. Senior Biden administration officials told The Washington Post that Kim plans to make a rare trip out of North Korea to meet with Putin later this month.

“It says a lot that Russia is having to turn to a country like North Korea to seek to bolster its defense capacity in a war that it expected would be over a week,” he added. “That in September of 2023, it is going to North Korea to get munitions to try to continue to grind out on the battlefield in Ukraine.” (Read more from “White House Says North Korea Will ‘Pay a Price’ if It Supplies Russia With Weapons” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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