Judges Deny Parents’ Plea to Take Ailing Daughter to Italy for Treatment

A panel of judges in the United Kingdom denied an appeal from parents to take their daughter, who suffers from a rare disease, to Italy for treatment.

The judges said that Italy’s desire to take 8-month-old Indi Gregory in for treatment under Hague Convention rules was “wholly misconceived” and “not in the spirit of the convention.” Italy has granted the infant citizenship and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has reached out to the U.K.’s Lord Chancellor to coordinate travel to bring the young child to Italy.

The parents of Indi, supported by the Christian Legal Centre, have sought to leave the U.K. to find treatment for a rare mitochondrial disease their daughter has. Judges with the Court of Appeal denied their requests, upholding a previous ruling from Justice Robert Peel that Indi must be taken off life support.

“Claire and I are again disgusted by another one-sided decision from the judges and the Trust. The whole world is watching and is shocked at how we have been treated,” Dean Gregory, Indi’s father, said.

“Claire and I have always wanted what is in Indi’s best interests. She has human rights and we wanted her to have the best treatment possible. If the UK did not want to fund it, why can she not go to Italy and receive the treatment and care which the amazing Italian Prime Minister and government has offered,” he added. (Read more from “Judges Deny Parents’ Plea to Take Ailing Daughter to Italy for Treatment” HERE)

Photo credit: Flickr

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