Germany Went All in on the Green Transition. Now, Its Economy Is Crumbling

Germany fully bought into the green energy transition, but its economy is now showing serious signs of weakness as a prolonged energy crisis runs its course.

The country is aiming to have its energy supply and demand reach “net-zero” emissions by 2050, relying on sources like wind, solar and hydrogen fuels after former Prime Minister Angela Merkel decided in 2011 to eventually shutter the country’s nuclear power plant fleet. Despite the German government’s regulatory and spending blitz to usher in the green transition, the country is not on track to meet its climate goals, but its decision to rely on intermittent green energy generation has contributed to an ongoing energy crisis that is crippling its economy.

“Hollowing out the economy is not benefiting the German people, nor is it helping climate change,” Diana Furtchtgott-Roth, Director of the Center for Energy, Climate and Environment at the Heritage Foundation, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It is not reducing emissions, because manufacturing is being shifted to other nations, like China and India, that use dirtier energy. The German economy is going down, and their people do not have the jobs and economic opportunities that they used to.”

Germany ultimately closed the last of its nuclear power plants in April 2023. Several months later, the German government announced that it would activate coal-fired power plants to ensure adequate supply through this winter.

The signs of Germany’s economic withering are numerous, perhaps most visible in the fact that it shrank in 2023 after growing by less than 2% in 2022, according to Euronews. The country is facing the high borrowing costs and inflationary pressures that are dogging many of the West’s economies, but sticky energy inflation remains the key factor in the country’s economic malaise, both for consumers and corporations, according to Reuters. (Read more from “Germany Went All in on the Green Transition. Now, Its Economy Is Crumbling” HERE)

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