Joe Flacco: $120.6M Made Me Feel ‘Like I Was Respected Around Here’

Photo Credit: APJoe Flacco takes issue with the notion that winning a Super Bowl MVP factored heavily in his new $120.6 million contract, the most lucrative in NFL history.

Said the Ravens quarterback, upon signing his six-year contract Monday afternoon: “I’m worth what I’m worth.”

He added: “I think I bring to the table what I bring to the table. The fact that we won the Super Bowl just comes with that. If we didn’t win the Super Bowl this year, I still think I’m worth the same. It may not be seen that way, but that’s the bottom line. I think I give this team the best chance to win moving forward, whether we won or lost.”

Flacco’s salary-cap-friendly pact (at least in the first three years) guarantees him $52 million, a year after he turned down the Ravens’ bid to re-sign him at a lower price.

“I thought I was worth more,” said Flacco, who added that he didn’t once sit at the bargaining table with agent Joe Linta as the team approached the Monday deadline to apply the franchise tag. “And I didn’t really see any circumstances where I wouldn’t end up getting paid more than what they were willing to give me at that point.

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