Here’s How Many Times the Ex-Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd Was Flagged for Misconduct

Folks, this case seems pretty explicit. It seems pretty clear that now-ex-Officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd; it’s all on video. The footage is disturbing. It’s why he was rightfully fired and slapped with third-degree murder and manslaughter charges. The three other officers with him also were fired. Chauvin knelt on the back of Floyd’s neck after the latter was already apprehended. Floyd was arrested on a nonviolent false document charge and as he lay on the ground handcuffed, he could be heard crying out that he couldn’t breathe. Chauvin kept his knee on his neck for nearly ten minutes. He passed out and later died. The police said that Floyd was intoxicated when first approached by police, but he was subdued. He was handcuffed. Four officers weren’t going to let him go. There was no way the security situation was going to become unstable. Floyd died anyway. It’s outrageous.

Across the political spectrum, there’s rightful condemnation. There should be protests. There should be anger. But all of that support goes right out the window when you loot, burn, and vandalize. How does setting black-owned businesses on fire get justice for Floyd? It’s outrageous. With every passing day, the window to bring about real change to this police department in Mill City closes—and there are issues. Floyd’s death at the hands of the police isn’t the only one in the area either.

And as Minneapolis and other cities burn, we have this interesting piece by The New York Times that placed a microscope over the Minneapolis Police Department, one that appears to have let a bad cop slide through the crack on multiple occasions. Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin was cited 17 times for misconduct ranging from abusive language to being named in a brutality lawsuit[.] (Read more from “Here’s How Many Times the Ex-Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd Was Flagged for Misconduct” HERE)

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