Marine’s Shocking Video of Afghanistan Withdrawal Exposes Just How Insanely Chaotic ​Evacuation Was​

Raw and shocking footage of the U.S. evacuation from Kabul shows much more chaotic scenes than many were led to believe happened during the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Real-life, behind-the-scenes video clips were released last week by Marine Cpl. Mike Markland. The Marine, who was at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, captured the grittiness and desperation of the hurried evacuation of the Afghan capital as the Taliban marched toward power.

Markland stitched together video clips from a GoPro camera attached to his helmet to show exactly how tumultuous and unorganized the evacuation at the Kabul airport was. The firsthand footage reveals “two straight weeks of worsening conditions” on the ground as seen from the viewpoint of the Marine from 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment.

Markland posted the video on his Instagram, but it has since been deleted. Task & Purpose published the video, as well as Markland’s commentary from social media, which has also been removed.

“I hope this answers questions but also provokes you to ask more,” Markland captioned the since-deleted Instagram video. “To my brothers and sisters who were there I made this for you and your family. When you have the lack of ability to explain all that happened in those two weeks, show them this. Stand tall and wear the last two weeks on your chest.” (Read more from “Marine’s Shocking Video of Afghanistan Withdrawal Exposes Just How Insanely Chaotic ​Evacuation Was​” HERE)

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