The Comeback Kid: Roy Moore leading candidate for Alabama’s Chief Justice

Nine years after a battle over a stone monument listing the Ten Commandments inside a state court building in Alabama, the state Supreme Court chief justice who was removed from office by a state judiciary panel is the leading candidate – to be the state Supreme Court chief justice.

Judge Roy Moore had installed the 5,280-pound stone monument as part of an acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty over American life, and when he refused to haul it away as a federal judge wanted, a state judicial panel removed him from office.

But after a stunning upset victory over two better-funded competitors for the GOP nomination for the office, incumbent Chuck Malone and former state Attorney General Charlie Graddick, Moore now is leading in the statewide race in Alabama, where voters choose the chief justice.

According to a poll taken just days ago, Moore leads Democrat Harry Lyon by 21 points, 54 percent to 33 percent. The poll surveyed 600 Alabama voters.

He’s built that stunning support with endorsements that include one even from the Democratic Alabama AFL-CIO.

State President Al Henley told Real Clear Politics it’s the first time the union group has backed Moore, and Moore was the only Republican picked by the group this year.

Henley cited Moore’s record as a circuit judge in Gadsden and as a Supreme Court justice from 2001-2003 of treating the average person fairly in court.

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